Top 5 jio announcement 2020

Top 5 jio announcement 2020

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Top 5 jio announcement in 2020

Top 5 jio announcement at Annual General Meet 2020 of the Reliance company, they announced Google will invest Rs 33,737 cr for a 7.7% stake in Jio Platforms. In addition, they also revealed that the company is developing Jio TV Plus, Jio Glass, and more. The company also announced about the development of JioMart and Jio 5G solution. 
Here are the top 5 announcement made by Jio…

Jio Glass

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has unveiled a new mixed reality solution called Jio Glass at its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the event, the company did not disclose price and availability details about the product. However, they demonstrated a demo of how it works when Jio Glass is available to the public.

top 5 jio announcement

RIL claims to have created new JioGlass to launch 3D virtual rooms and to conduct holographic classes through the Jio Mixed Reality service in real-time. Apart from this, they can also be used to hold virtual meetings.

During the demo, President of RIL Kiran Thomas said, “Hello Jio, please call Akash and Isha.” jio Glass then called Akash and Isha Ambani. While Akash was shown as a 3D avatar, Isha used a 2D video call interface. During the call, Jio Glass was shown how to make presentations easy and interactive.

“Jio Glass is at the cutting edge of technology, providing the best-in-mixed reality services to provide customers with a truly meaningful immersive experience,” said Kiran Thomas, President, Reliance Industries Limited, in her keynote address.

To recall, during RIL AGM 2019, Jio demonstrated the holoboard mixed reality headset, which has similar functionality. Jio Glass seems to be following that project.

Jio Glass weighs 75 grams and needs to be connected to a smartphone with a cable to power it. The company says it will come with 25 built-in apps to allow reality video conferencing and more.

Little is known about the specifics of the product or all the things it can do. However, during the AGM, the company stated that the product would take advantage of the 5G services that Jio currently operates. Jio will begin testing its 5G services as soon as spectrum sales are complete.

RIL has partnered with Google for its Jio products, which means that the two companies can collaborate with each other and develop the product. To remember, Google previously had a similar product called Google Glass, however, it never pan-out and never went on sale.

Jio Tv+

Reliance on Wednesday announced Jio TV + at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020. Jio TV + is a content aggregator that brings over the top (OTT) platforms, TV channels, various applications, and services to its Jio set-top-box users.

top 5 jio announcement

Reliance’s Aakash Ambani showcased 12 leading global OTT platforms including Jio TV + User Interface (UI) Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Sony LIV.

One of the main features of Jio TV + is that different apps require the same login instead of logging in separately. Voice search is similar to Alexa’s on Amazon Firestick. From the Jio App Store in the set-top-box, users can access various online applications from a variety of styles. “Through the Jio Developers program, any app developer can develop, launch, and monetize their applications. Developers who want to partner with Jio can visit Jio Developer .

“For decades, TV content has been highly broadcast-oriented without any interaction. With JioFiber, we have reclaimed this experience and brought interactivity to TV. Through the Jio App Store in the set-top box, entertainment, education, health, cooking, yoga, gaming, religion And there are many other ways to access Internet applications, ”said Akash at Reliance’s AGM event.

Akash also talked about the unique interactive features of Jio TV +. In one of the examples, consumers can participate in polls or vote for their favorite contestants on reality shows. Furthermore, a real-time comparison and percentage of favorable votes will be displayed on the screen.

Along with Jio TV +, Reliance has also launched its latest innovation Jio Glass. “Jio Glass is on the edge of technology, providing the best-in-mixed reality services to provide customers with a truly meaningful immersive experience,” Kiran Thomas said at the event.

Jio 5G

Reliance Jio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. It will be ready for trials as soon as 5G spectrum becomes available and ready for field deployment next year. The announcement was made by Mukesh Ambani at the company’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM).

“Jio has created a complete 5G solution from scratch, enabling us to launch world-class 5G services using 100% indigenous technologies and solutions in India,” Ambani said at the company’s 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM).

For those unfamiliar, 5G is the next generation mobile broadband that will replace the 4G LTE connection. With 5G, you can expect faster download and upload speeds. 5G also gives less delay.

The 5G spectrum auction has not yet taken place in India. India has delayed the planned 5G spectrum auction till 2021 due to poor financial health of the telecom industry.

With over 20 start-up partners, Jio Platforms has built world-class capabilities in technologies such as 4G, 5G, cloud computing, devices and OS, big data, AI, AR / VR, blockchain, natural language understanding and computer. Vision.

Using these technologies, we can create compelling solutions that expand the multi-industry columns and ecosystems of media, financial services, new commerce, education, healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart mobility, ”Ambani said.

Jio is betting big on 5G, which looks to be a comprehensive rollout in the coming years. In the future, Jio will be a full-fledged service, exporting 5G solutions to other telecom operators worldwide, according to the company.

Jio Meet

Wealthy Indian Mukesh Ambani on Wednesday said that Jio Meet, India’s first cloud-based video conferencing app, has seen over 5 million downloads in just a few days.

Reliance Industries earlier this week launched the Jio Meet video conferencing app with unlimited free calling, which is seen as a rate war on rival Zoom.

The JioMeet video conferencing app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and across the web.

Addressing the company’s 43rd Annual General Meeting, Ambani said that within just a few days of the launch of Jio Meet, users had seen over 5 million downloads.

According to the company’s website, Jio Meet supports HD audio and video call quality with up to 100 participants and offers features such as Screen sharing and meeting schedule features.

But unlike Zoom, it does not impose a 40-minute time limit. Calls can last up to 24 hours, and all meetings are encrypted and password-protected, the company said.

Jio-Google smartphones

At the Annual General Meet (AGM) 2020, Reliance announced that it is developing an Android-based operating system in partnership with Google. Mukesh Ambani has announced that Jio Platforms and Google have entered into a business agreement to develop entry-level affordable smartphones with optimizations for the Android OS and Play Store.

top 5 jio announcement

Speaking at Digital AGM, Ambani said, “Google and Reliance Jio have partnered to build a value-engineering Android-based smartphone operating system. Through this partnership, the national goal of having a smart device in the hands of every Indian can be accelerated. “

With this initiative, Ambani wants India to become “2G free” soon and offer affordable “4G or 5G” smartphones running on the Android-based operating system.

Ambani said, “Even though we’ve sold over 100 million Jio phones, many feature phone users are waiting to upgrade to a standard smartphone, if only it had been somewhat affordable. So we decided to tackle this challenge. “

The company has previously run Jio phone and Jio phone 2 in Kiavos in the country to provide smartphone access to feature phone users. Under the new partnership with Google, we can expect Jio to launch a more powerful and smarter Jio phone with the Google operating system.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also addressed the RIL AGM via video conference, saying the collaboration will enable more consumers in India to adopt affordable 4G smartphones. Users will be able to access the Google Play Store with the help of the upcoming Android based operating system. These affordable smartphones allow users to download Google Family apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and Hangouts.

“Together we are excited to rethink how many consumers in India will become smartphone owners. This initiative will unlock new opportunities, further empower the powerful ecosystem of applications and boost innovation to achieve growth in the new Indian economy,” Jio said in a press release.

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